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How Hypnobirthing Works


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Hypnobirthing conjures up images of pregnant women being put into a trance-like state, in fact it is a series of deep breathing and deep relaxation techniques which you and your birth partner are taught to self-administer.


Hypnobirthing works in two ways


  • Fear and tension prevent the flow of the hormone Oxytocin, this is the hormone which kick starts labour, and gets the muscles working during birth. Hypnobirthing can replace feelings of fear with feelings of calm, confidence and relaxation, which encourages the production of Oxytocin, supporting the body’s ability to birth naturally.


  • Relaxation also produces endorphins, the bodies natural painkiller.


When your body is relaxed, more endorphins (natural painkillers) are produced and more Oxytocin hormone flows round your body.

When you are relaxed you are working with your body, not against it, making birth calmer, easier and more manageable, without drugs or interventions.

You'll learn how to release the fears and anxieties you may currently have about giving birth, and how to overcome previous traumatic births.

Hypnobirthing provides you with a way of putting aside any worries or problems so that they don't interfere with the process of birth. It teaches you how to stay calm and focused, no matter what occurs. It gives you the self belief that you can do it!

Hypnobirthing encourages you to let your body do what it can do, naturally. As a result your baby will be born into the world in a safe, calm and happy way.

You will learn:

  • How to stay calm, relaxed and in control
  • How to produce endorphins, the body's natural painkilers
  • How to trust your body to work naturally
  • How to put aside any fears you may have
  • How your birth partner can support you and feel fully involved
  • All the information you need on pregnancy and birth to make informed choices
  • How to prepare a birth plan
  • Relaxation and visualisation exercises
  • Breathing techniques


'Hypnobirthing is the sports psychology of birth'  Katharine Graves


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"Hypnobirthing is recognised and reccomended by many midwives. Many health professionals, particularly midwives, are training in hypnobirthing so that they can best support mothers and babies"

"I can't believe how easy it was - I can't thank you enough Alice!"

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"I love
the confidence that you instilled in me"

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"We had a very good labour and she was born naturally"

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