What is hypnobirthing? Having a calm birth and how Hypnobirthing works

Our Hypnobirthing Courses

'The most important thing is that you feel able to take control of your pregnancy and birth, and that you have made the decisions that are right for you.'

We teach a complete antenatal course. Providing everything you need to work with your body towards a calm and relaxed birth.

You will get all the information you need to make the right decisions for you, during pregnancy and the birth of your baby. Helping you to stay in control and have the birth that is right for you.

The hypnobirthing technique helps you towards a calm birth, allowing you to discover how your body is designed to give birth. We focus on releasing any fear or tension you, or your partner might have, and replacing it with confidence.

Hypnobirthing is completely based on a sound understanding of the body  and the mental and physical processes you go through in birth. It is recognised and recommended by many midwives.

Although Hypnobirthing is generally associated with so called 'natural' birth. It is also highly effective when used during any type of birth, whether that is in hospital, at home, with or without medical help.

The hypnobirthing course can be done at any time during pregnancy, whenever you feel comfortable doing it. However, it is best to do it sooner rather than later, so you can fully experience the benefits during pregnancy. It is particularly beneficial to do the course sometime in the 2nd Trimester, between 3 and 6 months. However, Hypnobirthing always makes a difference, whenever you choose to do it.


Little Owl teach the KG Method of Hypnobirthing, which is a UK based course developed by Katharine Graves.

  • Hypnobirthing benefits the mother by showing her how she can have a calm, empowering and natural birth.
  • It benefits the partner by encouraging them to take an active role in the birth.
  • It benefits the baby because it comes into the world in a calm and quiet way.
Member of the Hynobirthing Association

"Hypnobirthing is recognised and reccomended by many midwives. Many health professionals, particularly midwives, are training in hypnobirthing so that they can best support mothers and babies"

"I can't believe how easy it was - I can't thank you enough Alice!"

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"I love
the confidence that you instilled in me"

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"We had a very good labour and she was born naturally"

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