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What is a Natural Caesarean Section?

A Natural Caesarean can change your experience of the birth of your baby.

If you are planning a caesarean for whatever reason, there is no reason why it shouldn't be a great experience for you and your baby. It is worth considering what you would like and discussing this with your midwife or obstetrician.

  • Would you like to play some music in the room, what music would you like?
  • Would you like the lights low and the mood calm?
  • Would you like to see your baby being born on a monitor, or the screen lowered and your head raised?
  • Would you like immediate skin to skin contact, and therefore delayed weighing and measuring of the baby?
  • Would you like the monitoring equipment positioned so that skin to skin contact is not hampered by wires?
  • Would you like the clip that monitors your pulse on your non-dominant hand, or on your toe so that your hands are free?
  • Would you like to try and breast feed during your skin to skin time?


Below is a link to an article about a 'Natural Caesarean'




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